Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 8 - Permaculture

This week our focus is to lay the foundation for our education in permaculture. I will discuss this a lot in the coming weeks, I'm sure, but I was very excited with the ideas presented to us. If you have never heard the term, google it. This is something that I wish more people were taking the time to understand. We can create agriculture that is truly sustainable and permanent. Bill Mollison is definitely worth checking out for anyone who is concerned with the state of agriculture today and desertification due to till-based agriculture and the resulting topsoil erosion.

The spark for me was the humanitarian applications. Mollison has gone to various third world countries to show them this type of sustainable agriculture to re-green areas of the middle-east and provide a source of food for villages. I know that I want to find a way to synthesize what I'm doing here, either through education or through development work.. I'm starting to see pathways.

Thank you to the people who have read my words and offered their thoughts through these first few stages in the process I'm undertaking here. I have a long way to go and I appreciate the company.

The photo is from our hike down the Caladonia Gut. It was a great rock to jump off into the clear pool of springwater.

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