Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 6-7 - Farm-Based Education Wrap-up

I won't backdate this entry.. I didn't post Thursday or Friday of this week. I was really happy to have people email me and ask me what had happened and why I wasn't keeping up with it. Thanks for being curious about what the heck I'm doing out here in the forest! I'll try to keep it interesting. The next module, Permaculture, is going to make that task VERY easy for me. It's going to be exciting stuff.

Why I haven't written..

Dan (one of the founders of the farm) said it best when he said, 'you all came for a reason and every decision you made in the past (good and bad) are what got you here.' We do a lot of talking about how each step in this process effects us in our learning and our personal growth. This week my talking with my advisers involved tears and a lot of unanswered questions. But I know that is why I am here. I am here to stop looking for the 'what I am supposed' to do, and start asking the right question, 'what do I want to do?'

This is part of *my* Farm-Based education. This is what I am on the farm to do and I am putting myself to the task of asking some good questions, maybe the answers are not really the quarry anyway.

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  1. hmmm... what do you want to do? vs. what am i supposed to do? im trying to make sense of the difference. the first question seems to imply a more proactive role in one's life.... but other than that, i think of that what i am supposed to do is what i want to do... it's should be the same.. or maybe i'm wrong.
    whoa. hows that for non-sensical, existential rambling. It's really cool you're keeping this blog. you know that in some ways you and i are in a similar place. trying to redirect/discover what "we want to do". and its nice to read about your journey. and you're learning some pretty awesome things. im sure sam and i will be discussing these sweet sustainable living skills you're writing about, as soon as he's back from florida. sonofabitch. it's cold here! :)