Friday, December 19, 2008

Reprise, Pre-VISFI

I moved this post over from my old blog on Livejournal. Even though I adore my friends over there, I felt like that blog was from another time in my life and this blog must start fresh. This is an activity in letting go.

Three years ago I took the job with TV Asahi. it was a wonderful experience, I learned a lot, I traveled, I grew in some ways, but in many personal ways I did not progress. I didn't have time to myself to study, to ask myself the hard questions, or to make some new steps forward.

Stifle your creativity and work to pay the bills, so this is where you end up:

- I quit my job in the name of new adventures.

- we are moving to new york city for Val's work, I'll be arriving in the spring.

- I'm spending the next 3 months in St. Croix, USVI at VISFI (the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute).

Have I gone off the deep end? No. it's just time to unplug, walk away from the multiple TVs, computers, and constant barrage of news and take back the things that I have given up.

new mindset. open to opportunities. interested. alive.

i don't want to complain about work all the time any more.