Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 12 - Community

Today we capped our Permaculture module with a discussion of community. This will be a short post for now as I need more time to absorb this information and formulate my response. However, I see this as the great mission of learning.. How do you then pass on the knowledge? How do you apply these concepts that move you into your daily life? How do you bring the edible forest garden into your city lifestyle? How to you help people to open their hearts to a more beneficial life?

Quotes/ideas from today to capture here:
Growing through schisms and 'isms'
love to do it (what you are doing)
bioregionalism - everything working together in harmony with the natural region/climate (c'mon, we all love our tomatoes in January and our bananas in NYC, trade is still possible, but without the reliance on the huge corporate movers).

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  1. This is incredible stuff. Please take good notes because I intend to ask you lots the next time I see you. (Like the concept of "weed control" in permaculture -- instead of tilling, do you add more compost around the plants or what?)

    I'm up early and plotting this year's garden. I'm excited (and jealous) of your adventures!