Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foodie Book Club - the Jungle

Few books inspire me not to eat anything like The Jungle did. However, the Foodie Book Club is a theme potluck, so I had to dig through my memory of the book to find some mention of something appetizing. Turn of the century in the Chicago shipyards there wasn't a lot of deep dish pizza and tasty morsels. Most of the book is the struggle to find nourishment for the family and for your own survival.

The book opens with a joyous scene of the wedding of Ona and Jurgis. It is ominous in its gaiety and the frivolousness of the provisions set the scene for the struggle that is to beset the characters. However, at this wedding there is actual food. So, I chose to make my interpretation of the Penny Buns that are present at this wedding feast. I used a cross between an original penny bun recipe I found and a Lithuanian fruit cake roll, since the family was from Lithuania I though I may pay homage to their roots. So I used this recipe and then rolled it out and spread a layer of butter, cinnamon, and chopped raisins.

I used a dried fruit mix soaked in hot water in place of the candied fruits, I neglected to stock up in fruit cake season.

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