Monday, February 9, 2009

Learning Contract

Because VISFI does not use a quantified grading system for this course as a student I am required to determine and customize my self-accountable standards for success. I will only be able to consider my completion of this program a success if I fulfill the goals that I have set out for myself.
Nate Olive, as my focus area instructor has gone over the following goals with me and will be evaluating me on my effort:

1. To blog my experiences. I would like to work on being a better communicator while sharing this experience with people who may find benefit either through me directly or through seeking their own opportunity to undertake this type of activity.

2. Video. I would like to interview each student about his/her final project, course completion, and reflection. This will be included in the blog and if time permits I will burn copies to DVD for interested students.

3. Backpacking skills. I love camping, but like so many things I do not know how to do a lot of things on my own. As a way to conquer this lack of confidence I'd like to make a friction fire, cook a meal, and camp out one night (either with Wendy or with other students who are interested).

4. Find my simple joy. I am working toward being involved in the activities around me, not just as an observer. I will remind myself to appreciate my days by writing in my journal one simple thing that made me smile that day.

5. Future. Of course, one of my most significant goals is to tackle the great "what's next?" I will make a mind-map of future options, along with continuing to write down the questions that pop into my head in regards to the "what do I WANT to do query."

6. Exercise. I love to exercise, but it's hard when I don't have set gym-time or very much time to myself at all. I will start EVERY day with at least 5 good sun salutations and work on increasing my flexibility.

7. Dive. I am partially in the Virgin Islands to get in some diving time. I am setting the bar low with 4 tanks, however, I have a lot of competing activities and a limited amount of free time.


  1. i am more than willing to come down and help you get past 4 tanks. We can aim for 4 tanks a day...

  2. Ben, come visit :-) I finish my actual program on 3/14 and that weekend is the BIG drunken St. Patrick's Day Parade. I leave 3/18. If you want to come down I can get you somewhere to stay. viiiissiiiiiit.